Stop Burning Crackers - It Is Time to Think About Our Children's Health Seriously!

Stop Burning Crackers – It Is Time to Think About Our Children’s Health Seriously!

As much as fireworks look beautiful in the night sky and the sparkle of Anar twinkles in your eyes, Or jumping on the sparks of chakhri takes you back to your childhood, And lighting  1000 ki ladi on the road makes you a hero in your gali.

Pause and think, is it really worth the pollution we are producing?

Locking our dogs indoors or stuffing cotton in our babies ears, Coughing because of the crackers smoke or rushing indoors for fresh air!

For an evening of fun and frolic, are we willing to compromise on weeks of healthy mornings?

Pause and think, aren’t we being too selfish and ignorant?

We are practically living in a gas chamber here in India, yet we don’t learn! We are willing to spend a fortune on statues but doing nothing to clear the deadly smog! China has created the biggest air purifier tower scaling 100 meters tall and the scientists at China’s Institute of Earth Environment have claimed that the tower has already improved the air quality of the city across the area of 10 square kilo meters. Moreover, the tower is capable of producing 10 million cubic meters of fresh air per day, while bringing the air quality to a moderate level on the most polluted days.

Just imagine! And what do we have here? A government hell bent on wasting funds and a population refusing to budge! Can we atleast try on a personal level to make the city we are living in better for our children and promise them a cleaner country?

Here’s What You Can Do at Your Level

  • We are tech savvy nation, install an air visual app which keeps you posted on smoke levels in your region.
  • Plant trees in your area.
  • Plant air purifying plants at your home and at your workplace.
  • Buy an air purifier for your home.
  • Use a portable air purifier in your car.
  • When sending your child to school, make sure they wear masks.
  • Introduce broccoli to your kids. It is helpful in flushing toxins out of your body.
  • Resort to turmeric milk on days the pollution level is too high.
  • Carpool whenever you can.
  • Don’t burst crackers, trust me a wedding/function/ festival will not be dimmed if you don’t burn them!

These are all the points that were at the top of my head, please feel free to add to this or correct me if I am wrong.

Our child’s healthy future is in our hands!

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