A Woman’s Struggles As a New Mother in a Joint Family

This article talks about the journey of an educated Indian mother who was once an independent girl and is now married in a joint middle-class family. Her husband is a pampered son who still needs to mature in managing his family and marriage. She usually goes through many struggles fighting all odds with her child.

Every day she struggles to raise a hyperactive child, making her choices in raising her little one while struggling through interferences from others. It is important to learn to be patient and calm in such a situation. Stories revolve around happy-go-lucky women who have to make several sacrifices for their baby and family and still go strong. What keeps a new mother alive and sane despite all adverse circumstances? What keeps her determined towards her goals. What are her aspirations? How will she overcome this phase and what is she waiting for? How will she bounce back and get back to her normal life? How will she manage family, work, and personal life? 

A lot of women in India go through similar situation. What do they do? How do they prove themselves? How do they manage to stay patient, humble, wise, and sane when they see their lives going upside down. Is there anyone who helps them? Who do they look up to? What support do they seek in such situations? 

Motherhood these days isn’t same as what it used to be. Earlier women used to raise so many kids in joint families with lots of patience and kept striving to make place in the family. Do young women in India still have same patience and understanding? Are they going through this kind of situation? Why should only women suffer and do everything as mothers? Why can’t they get back to their normal life? Why and how an independent woman becomes dependent on her husband or other family members? Why does she have to wait for so many years to find her place and respect in the family? So many questions remain unanswered; people say, “It’s just a phase, and this too shall pass.” But why does one have to go through such a phase. Why does no one understand a new mother’s struggle, her mental state, her ambitions, goals, privacy, and life? Why are we asked to be so patient? Why do we have to listen to our husbands all the time? Why can’t they listen and understand us? Why can’t we raise our voice and shout as loud as them? The journey of a mother will be easier only when we have answers to these questions and solutions to the problems.

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