My Breastfeeding Journey - A Tough But Fruitful One

My Breastfeeding Journey – A Tough But Fruitful One

From a C-section delivery to almost no milk, in the beginning, to happily breastfeeding currently, my journey as a new mother has been a roller-coaster one. After way too many lactation sessions, a lot of stress, constant effort, and a near defeat, I finally emerged victoriously.

I used to sit for long hours to feed my baby, mostly in vain. My mother told me that I am adamant about sitting for long as that would hurt my back. Also, the newborn girl would be cranky as she would not get the amount of milk she needed. I always asked her to support me and ensured that I would not let my child starve.

Consuming a lot of fluids and healthy mashed food helped me survive through all odds during those days. At one point, I thought I would have to feed my baby with only formula milk. However, my willpower helped me breastfeed my baby. Also, my baby never gave up sucking my breasts, even when she did not get any milk, and I gave her an easy option of sucking from a bottle. Doctors may recommend feeding with a bowl and spoon in such situations, but I realized that babies don’t like the gaps between each spoon.
As my little girl’s weight wasn’t increasing as required, the pediatrician I consulted suggested I take tablets to increase the milk flow to my breasts. I took the medicines for two weeks, and it helped me in the end. I could finally breastfeed my baby without any problem.

From my experience, I learned that it is important to take enough rest, be happy, and sometimes push yourself beyond your comfort to give the best to your kid. The immunity that a child gets from mother’s milk will not be available in formula milk. You will also feel happy to see your child happy and growing healthily. It feels great to see your baby snuggling in your lap, guarded by your hands, and close to your heart

However, if you cannot feed breastmilk, you should know that feeding the baby with formula milk does not make you a bad mother. You are still the same caring and loving mother your child deserves.

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