My Baby My Copy - Funny Experience of Almost Every New Mother With Relatives!

My Baby My Copy – Funny Experience of Almost Every New Mother With Relatives!

If you are a mother of a newborn, you must have experienced the same thing as I am going to share in this blog. Remember the initial days of your baby’s birth. Relatives, especially from Sasural, come to see you (not you actually but your baby).

Here are some common dialogues you have all heard from your in-laws family:

  • Baby is exactly like his father (copy of your husband), said by your MIL or FIL. It seems like only the husband has contributed to the baby’s birth, no genes are transferred from your side.
  • Baby’s hands are like our blah blah bua, (before that you have not even heard the name of that blah bua) and suddenly, your baby’s hands are their exact carbon copy.
  • Suddenly your FIL will say, his height is on blah blah cousin (whoever is the tallest member of the whole family). Come on! Give me a break! My baby is only a few days old and how can somebody think about his height! It is damn irritating!
  • Now everyone from your in-laws family will talk about the each and every part of your baby is like their blah bua or chacha or cousin or even their dada dadi.

You feel, Your baby is having nothing like you (even you may get confused about whether it’s your baby or not 🙂  🙂

  • But yes, last but not least, if your baby is having something not so good. May it is his less hair or dark complexion or anything then NOW, according to them, YOUR BABY MUST BE COPY OF YOU OR ANY OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBER.

“Bache ke baal jara kam he, apni maa par gya he, iska color ekdum fair nahi he, thoda gehua he, iske mama par gya he”

Please don’t judge my baby’s physical attributes, he is too small to be judged at this age. It is really very irritating when you hear this kind of comments for your little bundle of joy.

If you also faced this similar kind of situation, share it, it is really fun!

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