Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty If You’re Giving Formula Milk to Your Baby

Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty If You're Giving Formula Milk to Your Baby

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We know that the mother’s milk/breast milk is the best for babies. It gives them all sorts of minerals, nutrients, proteins and immunity. But what about those mothers who are giving top feed because of some or the other reason? Why should they feel guilty because they are not breastfeeding or they are unable to because of some reason? Why does society look at them as criminals or with pity eyes that they aren’t able to feed their babies?

Today I am sharing my story.

I’m a mother of 3 months old baby boy. During my pregnancy, I had made many plans for my baby. But whatever I thought, everything went the opposite way. I wanted a normal delivery which was even possible but had to go through C-sec as hospitals were getting sealed day-by-day due to COVID-19.
I wanted to feed my baby from the very first day. But due to pain I couldn’t and he was also not latching. Then I started feeding him from day 4. I used to breastfeed him during the day and give top feed at night. After 10 days of my delivery, I got high fever so I didn’t breastfeed my baby for two days. Those 2 days were really tough. But I don’t know what happened, after that whenever I fed, after feeding for an hour he would still keep crying and we would have to give him formula milk.
Initially, I thought maybe he had developed a taste for formula milk but this kept on happening for a week.

Then as the lockdown was on, I arranged for a pump from one of my relatives. I pumped 2-3 times a day and noticed that my milk production was very low. I consulted the doctor and she gave me some medicine. I was regularly taking medicines, drinking milk twice or thrice a day, eating cumin seeds and porridge (daliya). But nothing worked and my milk production didn’t increase. It went on for one and a half months of my delivery. I was entering in some kind of depression. All the time I kept thinking, why was I unable to breastfeed him? People were pushing me over and again to breastfeed my baby. But every time after breastfeeding, he was always hungry and crying and then we have to finally give him formula milk.

Then I decided that I would feed my baby formula milk. It’s okay. It’s not my fault that the production was low or it stopped. And I will no more listen to society to try this or that.
As my baby was showing no sign of dissatisfaction from formula milk, I continued giving it to him and now he is a 3 months old happy boy. If you stay happy, then only you can keep your baby happy.
So, don’t feel guilty if you are top feeding your baby.

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