Our Bundle of Joy Arrived Like an Angel in Pink!

Our Bundle of Joy Arrived Like an Angel in Pink!

Almost a year ago around the same date, we had begun our journey together from 2 to 3.

Reports from the doctor confirmed that I was pregnant. Both my husband and I were awaiting a beautiful baby. Started the journey with a lot of inhibitions, calculating the age of the little soul within me each day, thinking would it be a Princess or a Prince who will fill our lives with joy forever. This life-changing event would not have been any easier if my dear husband had not been with me. He took every step I took, everything I wanted, every need of mine, he took care of. He stepped up from being a husband to being a mom, friend, guide and doctor for me.

Our belief to have a healthy pregnancy was to act as normal as possible in our day to day life. I definitely felt lethargic sometimes but active most of the time. Only then I realised, Pregnancy, carrying a baby within you is not a tough thing at all. We would hear a lot of stories during pregnancy, but no one shares the good stories only to make us more worried. So here I am sharing my most memorable moment of life.

We always chose natural birth over a C-Sec which is more common these days. Hats off to those mothers who opt for C-Sec as that is not easy at all. Unfortunately, their understanding is they would be able to take the pain of C-Sec than Normal. But to all the expectant mothers I must say Pain in standard delivery is only something that you can take, it not unbearable. If I can say “God only gives so much pain that you can take” so please think twice before opting for a C-Sec assuming you cannot go through the pain.

I have only followed what my midwife told me and did not listen to any of the old wives tales. I did my physical and breathing exercises each day along with some walking and mopping the floor. Kept my diet healthy and my mind relaxed with some devotional music expecting my baby will like it and kick me inside; however, she seemed to like Big Boss more and kicked me each time I saw the show. (Advice- This is all you need to do if your pregnant. All the doctors told me “Your Pregnant not a patient” so all the ladies out there stay calm and happy like you do every other day.)

One beautiful morning around 6:30 am, my dear little soul within me decided to see her Mom and Dad and the heavenly world.  She gave a clue she was coming, and hence we landed in the Hospital. Then comes the most crucial moment, the doctor announced that my baby is going to be out by Noon which made me nervous. Once again my husband proved that he is the best man ever and stood by me holding my hand for the next 6 hours when I was in labour.

After a while, I didn’t know what happened, but I had a bunch of people around me asking me to breathe so I stay calm to bring the baby out. Then I hear a voice from the doctor …. It’s a Girl. Wooohoooo I delivered a princess, I got life into this world, and I felt complete.

In seconds I had transformed from a woman to a MOM.

And here is my angel …

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