How to Get Through Your Labour and Delivery With Ease

How to Get Through Your Labour and Delivery With Ease

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. It’s all roses until you get closer to your due date. All of a sudden, panic and anxiety take over.

I am a small built woman, and was barely weighing 40 kgs when I got pregnant. I was scared most of the time, wondering how such a small body can bear the birth of a baby. But my labour was quick and smooth. Dilation and contractions occurred naturally without any need for induction. How did I do it?

Long walks are the easiest and most effective way to help with an easy labour. Keep a bottle of water to drink in between, and start walking. When you reach the 9th month, start walking up and down the stairs. This strengthens your pelvis, helps stretch your pelvic muscles and also helps the baby move down your cervix. I started walking from my 7th month.

A strong mind and the determination to give birth to your baby is more powerful than you can imagine. It isn’t easy. It’s painful like you’ve never experienced before. But labour and delivery is a lifetime achievement and you don’t want to lose control of yourselves or the things happening around you. Instead, prepare to experience the labour process as a whole.

I saw women screaming on their way to the labour ward during my prenatal visits to the doctor. I made up my mind to not panic like that when I give birth, and I did achieve it. Except for one or two screams towards the end. I was calm and composed.

Learn breathing exercises to cope with the pain. Feel what happens in your body and how your baby reaches down to enter the world, and your lives.  In the end, it’s all roses when you meet your baby and cradle her in your arms.

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