A Letter From A Mum to Her Little One Who Is Now Her Whole World

A Letter From A Mum to Her Little One Who Is Now Her Whole World

Dear Parsh,

The day when I got to know that you are about to come into my world, is the most memorable day of my life. I had mixed feelings when I got the news of your arrival; I was happy as well as stressed, I was excited as well as anxious… I was stressed and anxious because I had no clue how I would be able to take care of you in my womb or in the future, how I would be as a mum.

I didn’t know if you are a girl or a boy. But one thing was for sure – it’s going to be a tough job for me. As my parents gave me love, care, support and everything that I needed, I also wanted to do the same for you. My dream then was just to have a healthy and happy baby, whether it was a boy or girl, it didn’t matter.

Suddenly, I saw many changes in myself. Not just physical, but emotional and mental changes too. I started taking decisions by putting you before anything and anyone. I took more care of myself because indirectly it was all for you. I had never done that earlier. I became stronger in many ways and at the same time weak in many situations. Of course, it took time to adapt these changes in myself. But I knew these were important for us.

All three trimesters were like a rollercoaster ride for me. Hearing your heartbeats, feeling your kicks, your twists & turns in my womb were the best feelings of my rollercoaster ride. There were many scary and sad moments also, but those used to vanish whenever I would feel your kicks. I used to listen some songs on repeat mode when I noticed that you would kick when those songs would play.

I was expecting your arrival on 9th January, 2019, but you came and hugged me on 30th  December, 2018. I think you couldn’t wait to see your mum. I was in pain for 12-14 hours before your birth, but as I saw your first glimpse I forgot my pain and smiled. I was also amazed how could one be so happy in pain. When I held you for the first time, I felt as the whole world is in my arms. You became my world since then.

I know I am not a perfect mum, but being a parent is a learning process. I want you to understand that nobody is perfect in this world; it’s not important to be perfect, and it’s not important to have each and every material thing. The important thing is to get better with time, always be ready to learn new things, and mostly, to be a good human being. Respect everyone equally, be a responsible citizen, adapt to good changes quickly, always be in competition with yourself. These are some mantras to live a happy life.

You know, I never dreamt that my child would be a doctor or a teacher or a businessman, because I want you to choose your future yourself. All I want you to be is a good human being, and I will train you to be that.

Lots of love from Your mum!

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