The Story of My Pregnancy – It Was a Roller Coaster Ride

We were a happily married couple and had a healthy married life for around 2.5 years. After the wedding, I started gaining weight and everyone said that it was the weight of happiness or they called it ‘happy fat’. But gradually my menstrual cycle started changing and it was an alarm for me.

We went for a checkup, and I was diagnosed with PCOD. As the gynaecologist was a family friend, she kept me on medication and asked me to reduce some weight. I was also advised to plan for a baby. And so began our ride. We were not getting results and hence opted for IUI. And to our surprise, we got positive results in the first attempt of IUI, with just one egg in the left ovary.

With not many complications, my joyful journey started. I was being treated like a princess by my hubby. We started enjoying the phase. I would be on an eating spree and would hear good music, stitch, talk to the baby, and did all things that most pregnant women do.

It was after midnight of the 31st of December and we had a small party at home. After the party, I puked (for the first time in my pregnancy). I went to the washroom and was shocked to see blood in my urine. Suddenly, it started hurting near my waistline. It was my fifth month of pregnancy and my husband was helpless. We called a doctor, who diagnosed it to be food poisoning and recommended some medicines.

The medicines were however of no use. Neither the pain nor the colour of the urine changed. The doctor was not ready to come to the hospital and admit me. But somewhere I was sure that the baby is safe, and this pain is something else. At around 6:30 in the morning, my doctor said that we should come to the hospital. I was asked to stop taking oral medicines and was given saline bottles.

We were then asked to go for a sonography test in the afternoon. The radiologist asked me to first eat something as it was not the case of food poisoning. It was a kidney stone stuck on a PU junction. A stent was installed and yes, we changed the gynaecologist then.

In the seventh month of my pregnancy, my blood pressure levels were on a higher side. I was worried that my baby would be born preterm. Things were going fine and as I entered into the eighth month of pregnancy, I prepared my hospital bag and kept it handy. One fine evening, I thought of having a new pair of glasses as I won’t be able to get one for some time once the baby arrived. So we went to an optician and were busy trying frames. And I was shocked to see my face with a half-smile/tilted smile. I immediately went to see the doctor. The doctor suggested that I should get admitted as my blood pressure was high. It was the end of my eighth month. I was kept under observation with steroids on for facial palsy. I was traumatized. I could not decide whether to be happy that my baby was soon going to come or sad that I had a facial paralysis. I wondered whether it would affect my baby.

But someone has rightly said, “All’s well that ends well.” To my surprise, my BP was under control by morning, and the doctor said they would prepare for the delivery by evening. And my princess was born with no sign of preterm delivery. She was in pink of her health weighing 3 kgs. Tears of joy rolled down our cheeks when we saw her.

And today when I am writing this, she is 4 years and 4 months old and she is a naughty darling of mine. Plus my facial palsy has also eloped with time. In the end, it worked out best for us!

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