Every Emergency C-Section Delivery Is an Escape from Death

Every Emergency C-Section Delivery Is an Escape from Death

Many C-sections can be truly traumatic. The procedure comes with a high risk of complications. Whenever a woman gives birth to a baby, the very first question that she encounters is regarding the nature of delivery. And when the answer is “emergency C-section”, thus begins a lot of judgemental looks and talks.
The common assumptions are:
  • She must have been lazy throughout the pregnancy.
  • She should have done more workout or exercises.
  • She is very weak and seems like she didn’t eat properly.
  • She is a very careless person.
  • I know that she will never have a normal delivery, as she is already too weak to handle the pain.
  • She is an unhealthy person.

And so on…

But, there are many factors in play, and the woman might not be left with any choice other than to have a C-section, and none of those factors fit into the assumptions made by society.

  • It’s an emergency.
  • It’s a threat to the mother’s life.
  • It’s a threat to the life of that little human inside.
That’s why I repeat: every emergency C-section is an escape from death.
Every birthing experience is unique and painful, and needs to be celebrated irrespective of the form of delivery. So, the next time you see a mother who delivered a baby, don’t make faces when she says it was a C-section delivery.
  • Don’t assume that she was not healthy.
  • Don’t assume that she wouldn’t have felt the real pain.
  • Please don’t judge a mother and make her feel unworthy.
Dear Mommas, don’t be ashamed to tell others that you have had a C-section delivery. You have saved a little one’s hope for life, and you have been reborn as a new human called Mom. Remember that your baby’s birth story is first and foremost a love story – the greatest one you will ever tell!

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