Tips to Keep Your Kids Engaged During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Tips to keep your kids engaged during the Corona lockdown

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My baby Mithra is only 4 months old and she has absolutely no idea about what’s going on right now. I came across a video by actress Sameera Reddy where she spoke about how anxious kids feel during the lockdown period. Although my baby is just four months now, as a mother, I could imagine how hard it must be for kids who are older and understand only a little about the novel coronavirus.

My baby Mithra is too young to understand about the COVID-19 coronavirus, but assuming that she is a toddler or a preschooler right now, this is how I would have kept her engaged during this time. I’ve come up with the following ideas that can help parents keep their children engaged during this lockdown.

1. Get your child to read and cultivate reading habit in him/her.

2. Encourage him to take up art and craft activities. There are numerous craft activities that you will find online, so make use of them to teach your kids about it.

3. Get your kids to do age-appropriate household works.

4. Most parents of this generation are from the 80s’ or 90s’. And the games we played during those times were classic, so teach those games to your kids.

5. Build a tent at home and let them play in it.

6. If you are a mom giving screen time to your kid, make sure they watch entertaining and informative stuffs. You can even show them our  old cartoon network shows on Youtube.

7. Let your kids discover their talent. Let them dance, sing, play musical instruments, monoact or do mimicry. Join them. It’ll be super fun.

8. Have family time. Spend time with your family – play games, have dinner together, or ask the elders in your family to narrate a story.

9. Get your kids to plat interesting indoor games like treasure hunt, memory games, or hide and seek if your house is big enough.

10. If your kids are a little older, teach them to maintain a journal.

11. Teach them age-appropriate exercises or yogasanas and workout with them.

12. Most importantly, give them an age-appropriate explanation about what is happening and don’t keep the truth from them. Keep communicating with them and let them know that they can always open up to you whenever they feel low. Be patient and comforting. Do not watch or discuss the news in front of them.

For those of you who haven’t watched her video, please look for these signs of deep anxiety in your kids:

1. Difficulty in concentrating
2. Not able to fall asleep or disturbed sleep or wake up with nightmares
3. Not eating properly
4. Being clingy
5. Always crying
6. Feeling tensed or using the toilet often
7. Complaining of tummy aches and feeling unwell
8. Short-tempered or easily irritated or unable to control outbursts
9. Constantly worrying or having negative thoughts

These are some signs of anxiety in children, which they may experience during the lockdown period. Not being able to meet their friends and not being able to do the regular things must be instilling fear in children’s minds. That’s why it is important to keep kids busy during this time. It is important to make them feel loved.

Hope we come out of this crisis asap. Until then, stay home and stay safe!

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