How to Save Water At Home to Address the Water Crisis

How to Save Water At Home to Address the Water Crisis
Going by the current scenario, it gives me the chills as a parent to even think about the future our children are going to have! Despite having our beautiful planet covered 71% by water, alas, there is only 2.5% of it to drink and in the future, that too will be scarce!
In India itself, 21 cities with a population of 100 million including metros like Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai will run out of groundwater by 2020. That’s less than 6 months away! How can we all be so oblivious to such a global issue which will affect us directly?! And let’s not blame the government and people in high places for it, ok? Do you do the bare minimum to keep the water wastage under control?
Here Are a Couple of Changes We Have Incorporated in Our House:
  1. Get rid of the water pipes! We don’t realise how much water we waste by using our pipes to clean the driveway/water plants. It’s convenient but causes a real dent to our water supply!
  1. Don’t drain the RO waste water, instead, use it for mopping floors/washing cars/washing utensils/ watering plants, etc.
  1. Use a water bucket and a mop to clean your cars and you really don’t have to wash all your cars on the same day even if you don’t take them out! Fix a day for every car and ration the amount of water you need to clean every car!
  1. Use the old-fashioned water cans with spouts to water plants every alternate day, you need the greens more than anything right now, but don’t fill the pots to the brim with water either!
  1. Skip the shower and use a bucket for a bath. And give yourself 2 minutes and 1 bucket for bath and if the water is left, don’t drain it. Leave it for the next family member or water plants with it!
  1. When serving water, fill only half the cups and refill it if someone asks.
  1. Don’t waste water from old bottles or cups, instead use them for watering plants.
  1. Wash your vegetables and fruits in a bowl of water, please don’t put them directly under the running tap.
  1. Put a glass/mug in every washroom next to the wash basin for brushing/shaving. Switching the tap on and off real quick really won’t help the cause!
  1. As much as our kids are water babies, let’s not waste water in inflatable pools at home for only an hour of fun and frolic for the kids! And if you still do, at least reuse the water for gardening or cleaning.
  1. Use their inflatable pools to collect rainwater you can use in the household.
  1. Reuse your towel for about a week before you throw it in for washing. Similarly, if your clothes (except innerwear) are not dirty or soaked in sweat, re-wear them.
  1. Educate your kids and house-help about the problem and how important it is to address it for the sake of their own future!

Please feel free to add to the list and incorporate them into your lifestyle too! All suggestions are welcome and will be much appreciated.

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