Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot With Your Child

Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot With Your Child
Photo shoots with babies can be fun, but they’re equally tiresome when your baby is in a sour mood and refuses to smile or pose. The first and last time I scheduled a professional shoot for my baby was for her first birthday. Thankfully, our photographer was understanding, as we had to postpone the shoot due to her bad mood. When we had the final shoot, it was so exhausting for us that we never tried it again. this experience also taught us a lot of lessons, which I am going to share in this post, as they might be helpful for the brave parents who are planning a photo shoot for their kids.
  • Timing: This plays very important role. Never ever schedule a photo shoot at a time that clashes with your baby’s nap or meal time. Trust me, it’s a disaster if you do so.
  • Venue: Choose a place where your baby will be happy to pose. If its at home, keep some toys and fancy decorations around. A garden which swings is also a good idea. Children can get uncomfortable in a completely foreign area, especially when all the attention is focused on them. Keep some of her favourite things like toys or snacks around.
  • Dress: Choose a dress that is comfortable. If a child doesn’t like her attire, you won’t even be able to get a single good click. If its an outdoor shoot, change her dress in a private area such as a room or car.
  • Food: Feed your child properly before the shoot. A hungry kid is a recipe for disaster, and you’ll have to deal with tantrums.
  • Breaks: Take breaks at regular intervals. Give your child some time to hop around and enjoy herself in between the shoot.
  • Posing: Don’t force your child to pose. Just let her be herself, and trust me you will have amazing captures of all these natural moments, with a variety of emotions.

I hope these tips make the next photo shoot with your little one easier. Keep clicking!

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