My Journey to Motherhoood Despite All Odds

My Journey to Motherhoood Despite All Odds

On 4th March, 2018, I woke up early at 7 a.m to quickly get ready and head to a Holi party with my husband. Before leaving, I instinctively picked up a pregnancy test kit and headed to the bathroom, with many thoughts running through my mind. My instincts were 100% right, as the results were finally positive. I didn’t know how to feel. First I cried, and then began laughing.

I immediately shared this news with my husband, so it was a double celebration.  We reached the party venue and had a great time looking at the decorations, pool of colours, rain dance, and much more. The music made me want to dance freely, but I reminded myself to go easy and not jump and injure myself. After two months, I had some complications and visited a doctor, only to find out that I had a 50:50 chance for a successful delivery.

I was asked to be on bed rest and given progesterone and other injections. It was a tough phase and was very painful, but I took on the challenge and defeated the odds, as my baby was developing well. Soon, I was feeling better and celebrated my birthday and baby shower together. However, six and a half months into pregnancy, I developed a liver infection and was diagnosed with a pulmonary edema.

Who knew! I had gone for a routine check-up, but landed up in the hospital. My doctor planned a C-section, but the biggest problem that my baby would be pre-term. I was injected with steroids, which made my body swell up, and my weight reached 85 kg.

Right after the C-section, I was on ventilation. Water had filled into my respiratory system and I could hardly breathe, but I regained consciousness after four days. My family was present overnight, thinking i might not live long and wanted to pay a last visit. Amidst all this, I was still anxious about my baby.  Fortunately, she was perfectly fine! She is my miracle baby and warrior Princess. I was put on medication and finally saw my baby after 10 days. I cried as soon as I saw her, as she was so tiny. But I knew that I had to fight for her.

Due to the pulmonary edema, I was put on a strict diet plan by the doctor that only included boiled veggies without salt, sugar, oil, or preservatives. Though it was hard, I slowly got used to it, and more so because my husband used to eat the same food I ate to keep me motivated. As the days passed, I began exercising and walking to reduce the swelling in my body.

I soon recovered, and still have the mindset to stay fit. Till date I only add a pinch of salt to my individual plate and drink tea without sugar, and my weight is now back to normal. My baby is about to blow her candles for the 1st time, and I am so grateful. In the end, I can say all’s well that ends well.

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