Let’s Overcome the Fear of Labour Pain and Make It Miracle Pain

Pregnancy is the phase through which most women have to pass. It’s a beautiful phase wherein a woman grows and nurtures a soul inside her. Every woman gets excited when she comes to know of her pregnancy, but in due time, fear also takes over, especially when she thinks about labour pain.

Women enjoy their nine months of pregnancy, but that one moment of thought may become a reason for their mood swings. Apart from the fear of labour, many negative thoughts also sometimes lead to uncertain results, too. Exercise and the company of positive and encouraging friends and family during this period are important, but if one’s mind is full of fear and negativity, how can they be healthy?

Healthy body during pregnancy does not mean keeping body weight ideal or body healthy through exercise. It means our mind or whatever thoughts we think of must be pure and healthy. A healthy mind works the most in maintaining the mom’s and the child’s health.

Now the question arises – When a woman goes through a lot of mood swings, how can she keep herself mentally strong? The only thing every woman should do is meditation and should have positive thoughts. You may use this to reinforce positivity-

“I am going to give birth to a soul who is pure and full of love. I am going through the most beautiful phase of God’s creation. I will have a healthy baby, and I will have no pain during labour. My labour will be the best! I will have an easy and beautiful labour. I will have a normal delivery.”

These lines should be repeated every time you think of labour. It has been experimented and has proved beneficial to a lot of women. This is my personal experience where c-section was the only option, but my thoughts helped me, and I did have a normal delivery with no labour pain.

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