Tips to Build a Successful Marriage

Tips to build a successful married life!

  • Communicate.
Communication is one of the best solutions to fix a broken relationship, or to build a strong relationship. Have a routine of asking about your partner’s day. If they seem worried, comfort them. If they are happy, enjoy with them. Communication is like giving your time to them. Trust me, friends, if you both fought, just talk to each other. Things will get sorted out in a second.
  • Avoid the third person.
Don’t let a third person to come in between your married life.  Never share intimate details with a third person. Sometimes, it can take a turn for the worse, and cause rifts between the couple.
  • Give them space.
Always provide personal space. Don’t be overprotective; sometimes, this overprotective nature can be perceived as, or can even turn into, control over each other.
  • Trust.
Feeling insecure in a relationship is quite natural. Don’t fight with them for not trusting you. Assure them that no one can take their place in your life. Trust is very important in a relationship ,so never break each other’s trust, especially over silly issues.
  • Travel.
Put your work aside, and have fun with your partner! Travel together, and you both will understand each other better.
  • Make friendly gestures.
Non-sexual touches are always good for a healthy relationship. Hold hands while walking, hug each other during tough times, and give sweet forehead kisses when getting ready for work in a rush. Trust me, these gestures will make your partner feel good!
  • Share household chores.
Sharing household work with your partner will make them feel happy, especially if they take up most of the chores.
  • Make decisions together.
Whether it is important or not, small or big, always get an opinion from your partner when making decisions.
  • Never be shy to apologise.
You will lose nothing by apologising to your partner. Never let ego come in between you and your partner. Always be ready to apologise if you have a bad argument with them. It can help in resolving the rift between you two.
  • Be a responsible person.
Try to be a responsible person, especially in terms of spending money.
  • Respect each other.
Love without respect is nothing. Respect can bring love, so respect each other in every situation of your life.
  • Compromise.
Compromise is the beautiful magic that can bring back a broken relationship, and also prevent a relationship from breaking.
  • Bond with each other’s friends and family.
When you gel well with each other’s social circles, it will create a strong bond between you two.
  • Don’t dig into each other’s past.
While getting into a marriage, either accept them with their past, or else accept them by forgetting their past.
  • Stop trying to prove that you are right.
Even if you are right, don’t show it with a wrong attitude. Explain things to them in a kind way. In a healthy relationship, being happy is better than being right.
  • Stop expecting, start giving.
More giving brings more happiness in a relationship.
‘And they lived happily forever! ‘ is a happy ending for our bedtime stories. Then, what about our real stories? Yes, friends, it is a big question mark. It is not that easy to have a happy ending for all relationships, unless you want to have it with that person, and want to work for it. Remember, friends: love, forgiveness, acceptance, respect, selflessness, trust, and commitment are the keys to creating a successful relationship.
Only a happy couple can build a stronger relationship in marriage. A successful marriage can only make a couple happy. A successful marriage is not about finding the right partner, but about being the right partner.

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