Failure Is Life’s Best Teacher and We Must Teach Our Kids to Learn From It

We all know the more challenging a path is, the more fruitful the victory is. Our society does not recognise and reward defeat and that is the reason why we focus more on not failing rather than trying hard to succeed.

Failure is truly life’s greatest teacher. When we stop being afraid of failure and accept it, then only we are able to think big and we push ourselves to do our best. It is best to lead a life with a positive attitude as every experience, be it good or bad teaches us something. Failure gives our dreams true meaning and we understand our priorities. The weight of any failure is not due to the failure itself but how we perceive them. We should have the desire to fight our failures. We must view each failure as a learning experience. Our failures make us strong and build our character. We get to know our strengths and weaknesses through the failure process.

The parental desire to see their children shine in every sphere of life leaves little room for the children to make their own mistakes and learn from them. Over involvement in a child’s life can stagnate growth.
But we can help kids handle failure. Here’s how!

1. Teach Them to Keep Trying.

No matter how many times your children fail, they will still have to go on. Cheer them on for the fact that they tried. See the difference it will make and one day your child will succeed.

2. Tell Them That Each Mistake Has Its Value.

Keep reminding them that it is okay to make mistakes. Every mistake takes us one step closer to success. As parents, help your children learn the value of repeated attempts to succeed. Make them realise that it is necessary to enjoy the process that we follow to succeed.

3. Make Them Appreciate the Efforts More Than the Result.

Consistently praise the efforts and encourage the habit of self-study. It is fruitful in the long run as the child keeps improving because the efforts make everything worthwhile.

4. Teach Them to Cope With Failures Rather Than Avoiding Them.

Protecting children from failures makes them vulnerable and they are less resilient. If children experience failures in life, they begin to understand the power of their decisions. See failure as an opportunity rather than a threat. The ability to deal with failures can increase the child’s confidence and problem-solving skills.

Protecting your child from failure will not help them in the long run. So as parents, you must allow them to feel and live, and face the consequences of their failures. This will make your children more resilient and they will be more likely to succeed in future.

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