Babyhug Brush & Comb Set – A Premium Set for Sensitive Baby Hair

My name is Rajini Lavanya Mokara. I have two kids, the elder one is five years old, and the younger one is eleven months old. Generally, both my kids have very thin hair, and whenever I pleat up my elder one’s hair, it’s a big tug of war between us as her hair roots are very sensitive and it used to be a big issue with removing the tangles in her hair.
Also, my younger one’s hair just started to grow very soft and sensitive. I used to be very careful while brushing her hair roots are also very soft and delicate.
Grooming babies and brushing their hair can be a very enjoyable experience. Babies’ scalps are delicate, and their hair is very fine from birth. So, it is important that you brush your baby’s hair and remove tangles as gently as possible. I heard about the BABYHUG BRUSH & COMB SET, which has soft bristles that allow you to do just that with effortless ease.
It not only removes the tangles but also improves the circulation of blood in the head. The comb has both large and short bristles in order to go inside the hair and gives a soothing feeling to the children.  The balls at the edges of the bristles are soft and delicate for gentle combing. Also, we can carry it anywhere.
The brush has a handle to hold the brush firmly. The bristles closely-packed; therefore, the hair tangles and dust particles can be removed easily. When grooming for any functions, parties, etc. the Babyhug comb set is very useful to groom babies’ nicely.
Another main important thing in the comb set is that it is easy to clean and sterilise them. Dip them in lukewarm water and wipe them with a normal brush. The dust particles are easily removed, and the brush regains its smoothness for suites for your child’s scalp.
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As a mother of two children, I can easily assure that Babyhug brush & comb set is very useful in daily life. We can easily groom babies as we want, and before that, we can remove the tangles in the hair. The comb and the brush must be maintained separately for each child because the scalp is different for each child. Also, the comb set must be cleaned every 15 days or so. But, the product is a must-buy for all parents with babies.

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