Natural and Easy Remedy to Cure Colic in Babies

Keeping a newborn comfortable is everyone’s desire. Even when an iota of discomfort affects the baby, the entire family is looking for options to soothe the baby. Nature has given humans the ability to speak and express themselves. This stands true for all, except babies. Their only expression to convey that they are in pain is to cry out. There could be a variety of reasons why your little bunny is not in the best of her moods. One of the reasons could be colic. Colic is prolonged crying of a baby for no apparent reason. A baby could cry to announce her hunger or a wet diaper. If you are sure that your baby is well-fed and is in a newly changed diaper, then this crying or growling like sound could be due to colic. 

Colic is categorised by abdominal pain and bloated tummy in babies. Swallowing of air is one of the main reason for its occurrence, especially when they cry or suck an empty bottle. It is common in newborns, starting when they are around 6-8 weeks and may last till they turn 9-10 months. Most babies get rid of colic around 4 months but for some exceptional cases, it continues even after they are a toddler. A baby could suffer from colic during any part of the day but, mostly, it occurs during the evening or same time every day. Colic not only affects a baby’s mood but also the parent’s mood as well, since it’s more than impossible to calm down a fussy and irritable colicky baby. 

My paediatrician prescribed various syrups to cure colic. After trying all the prescribed medicines and still looking at the endless screams of my little one, my mother recommended an easy and quick home remedy. In these modern days, we don’t listen to traditional advice our parents give because we consider their way of bringing up kids as old fashioned and not scientific. But this time, I considered listening to her to see if it can bring any luck to a disturbed baby who is crying endlessly and cranky all the time. She suggested applying a pinch of wet asafoetida on my baby’s navel. I followed this religiously 3-4 times a day or as many times I would get her diaper changed during the day. Within a day of application, I realised that my baby has stopped the constant humming growling sound she was making. Those scream like cries stopped as well. It was like magic and I couldn’t thank my mother enough. 

This tried and tested home remedy is worth a recommendation from my side. I have suggested this to many new mums and they too have realised the benefits. It doesn’t have any side effects and causes no harm to the baby if done in moderation. A colic-free baby is a happy baby. Wishing all mums a happy, colic-free baby.

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