Do You Want a Disciplined, Obedient, Fearful, or Happy Kid?

Do You Want a Disciplined, Obedient, Fearful, or Happy Kid?

“Riya, stop playing, and go to your room and study. I will ask you questions about the subject after one hour.” Riya’s mother, Hetal, was instructing her. As soon as Hetal completed her sentence, Riya trembled with fear, and the ball slipped from her hand. She went off at once, with fear-filled eyes.

Hetal and her daughter live together alone most of the time. Riya’s father is always away on business tours. We are neighbours. We usually meet up when we have some free time.

It was today, when we were talking, that this incident took place.

I always saw sadness in Riya’s eyes. It bothered me most of the time. So, I asked Hetal why she had scolded her daughter. It’s her age to play and enjoy. She is only six years old, and as she grows up, she will understand the important things by herself.

Hetal told that her daughter doesn’t listen to her. And, if anything bad happens, everyone will blame her for not bringing up her daughter well. It can be very hectic to keep being blamed for everything that goes wrong.

Then, I asked her – “Hetal, tell me one thing. What do you want: a happy kid, or an obedient and disciplined kid?”

“I want a happy kid, of course,” Hetal said.

I told her not to pressurise her child, as it is her age to play and roam with her friends, and as soon as kids grow up, they will become obedient and disciplined by themselves. If they will get a happy and lovely environment at home, they will share everything with you, which will be helpful in the long run. So, if you want your child to be happy and confident always, give her a happy environment, and let her live her childhood. As time passes, she will develop into a good human being. Believe in your upbringing!

Hetal then said, “Yes, you are right. I have observed that she is afraid to tell me anything. Now, I will follow your advice. Thank you, dear!”

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