Struggle of 4 Months of Handling a Colicky Baby !!

Struggle of 4 Months of Handling a Colicky Baby !!

Hi Mommies!

So let me start with my journey. My husband and I were on cloud nine when we got to know about my pregnancy and trust me, it was a roller coaster ride. So I decided to get delivered at my in-laws’ house in Abohar (Punjab). I moved there and delivered a baby girl in December 2017.I was just getting into the shoes of a mommy when suddenly, after 2 weeks in the evening, she starting crying loudly; rather screaming. I thought it might be her clothes are uncomfortable, so I changed them but it didn’t work. It was almost 2 hours; she was continuously crying and we decided to take her to the doctor.When we went there, the doctor said everything is fine; it’s just gas which is making her fussy. Burp her correctly. I followed his advice but didn’t work for a couple of weeks. I was frustrated, annoyed, sleep-deprived. Then I decided to move to my mom’s place and get her checked again.There the doctor gave me a shock by diagnosing her to be a colicky baby. I didn’t know the meaning of it honestly at that time. He said that some babies are colicky which means that gas happens and when air gets stuck in their stomach, there is pain and they cry.

What I Did to Calm My Colicky Baby

Calmed her with Hugs and Patted her back

As she refused to feed while crying, I used to pat her back and bum and she calmed and took the feed.

Burped her

No matter how much time it took, I burped her even at night for the first three months

Give her Medicine

This medicine saved my life and sleep. Rantac syrup prescribed by doctor.

Car Rides

When nothing worked, this worked and she slept in the car.

No top Feed

I did not offer any top feed till 6 months as it is difficult for gassy babies to digest.

Took Care of my Diet

I did not take products that caused gas like cabbage, pickle, masalas, curd, fast food, ketchup, etc for 6 months.

So, moms, this is also a phase that shall pass. Take care of your baby and yourself equally. I hope this will help some moms. 🙂

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