4 Things You Should Remember for a Healthy Pregnancy

4 Things You Should Remember for a Healthy Pregnancy

My darling baby girl Deeya came in this world on October 24th. My bundle of joy brought happiness into our lives and I started taking care of her with utmost affection from day one. By writing this blog, I want to give a few tips to all the women out there who are soon going to be wonderful moms.

First of all, I would like to tell all the moms-to-be that your happiness and inner peace reflect a lot on your baby. When you are happy, the baby is happy. When you are sad the baby is also sad. So please try to be happy, whatever the situation be. Just relax and be calm, at least try. The hormonal changes during pregnancy may make you more sensitive and irritated, but don’t lose your calm. Give yourself some space, close your eyes and listen to some good music, and divert your mind.

Secondly, drink lots of water at least 3-4 litres after checking with your doctor. It’s really good for you and your baby. Whenever you feel like peeing, immediately go to pee, don’t control, it’s not good for both you and your baby.

Thirdly, eat nuts in healthy amounts. Make sure to have at least 10-15 soaked almonds in the morning before breakfast. Whenever you feel hungry in the evening, try to snack some nuts like almonds, walnuts and some fruits such as pomegranate and apples as they are very good for a woman’s health as well as the baby’s health.

The last thing you should do is engage in some physical exercises such as walking. Walk for at least half an hour to an hour a day. However, indulge in this physical exercise only after consulting with your doctor. Mainly don’t try to do pregnancy exercise and yoga if you have never done it before. Please don’t attempt new things during pregnancy – it may not be good for your health or for your baby’s health.

Enjoy your pregnancy days and have a safe delivery!

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