Self-care Solutions to Avoid Postpartum Depression


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Pregnancy is one of the phases of a women’s life that brings all the happiness and changes in her body. A lot of hormonal changes happen that lead to mood swings. The way you handle the emotions has an impact on your postpartum depression. Whether financial issues, personal issues, or family issues, how they affect our health depends on us. Every pregnancy is different; similarly, the reason for depression also varies.

The three simple solutions to avoid depression are always being positive, having a good diet, and sleeping well. Taking care of a newborn after delivery is tiresome, and it is more exhaustive if the delivery is done by c-section. You need help to do your day-to-day activities and take care of your baby. This help may come from your family or friends, but the most needed one is yourself. You have to be morally strong to help yourself not get into depression.

Breastfeeding your baby also helps! Irrespective of the type of diet you take after delivery, the amount of milk for breastfeeding mainly depends upon demand and supply. Latching by your baby stimulates hormones that give signs to your body to produce more milk. Frequent intervals of feeding help as well! You have to be physically and mentally fit to spend quality time with your baby during feeding.

Newborns excel in latching, however only through practice which thereby increases the quantity of milk. Our patience plays a crucial role in consistently encouraging the baby to feed. The sight of a satisfied and happy baby will detox your stress and makes both of you emotionally connected in a concrete way. Always remember that time shall pass. We have to make it memorable by avoiding unnecessary thoughts. Think of the happy times you are going to spend with your baby. One can prevent postpartum depression by changing the way we think every time we face unexpected situations.

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