I Conceived Despite Having ANA; And So Can You!

I Conceived Despite Having ANA; And So Can You!

I would like to share my experience of having a child despite being diagnosed as ANA (Anti Nuclear Antibodies) Positive, and spread awareness on this condition.
Post marriage the pressure on my husband and me was high to start our family, but it was hard to explain why I was not able to conceive. On the lucky chance that I was able to conceive, it resulted in a miscarriage, which was a devastating experience. It was very disturbing that I seemed to be perfectly healthy, with no thyroid problems ,no PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), or anything else, and still had a miscarriage. However, I soon got an explanation once I consulted my doctor. My blood test confirmed that I was ANA Positive (Anti Nuclear Antibodies), which means my blood tends to thicken during pregnancy, and doesn’t reach the foetus in the required quantity which slows or stops its growth and development, resulting in miscarriage. The only way for me to have a healthy child was to take heparin shots daily and be on complete bedrest. I also had to undergo a cerclage, in which the uterus is stitched up to avoid pre-term labour.

I was determined to have a baby and followed my doctor’s instructions, taking the injection daily. Additionally, I also had to take bi-weekly injections and other medicines. Regular sonographies confirmed that my baby was in good health. After a full term of pregnancy, I was blessed with a healthy baby girl, through normal delivery.

I would like to tell you that ANA positive is not a disease, but is a type of blood. The blood thickens and doesn’t flow in the required way only during pregnancy, and you will be fine otherwise. I had no restriction, apart from being on bedrest and taking the medicines prescribed to me, and could eat anything I wished for. In conclusion, I have met many mothers who have had multiple miscarriages and ANA is the reason that topped the list. However, they are all blessed with children now, and so will you!

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