Communication With the Baby During Oil Massage

Touch!! This is a magnificent experience for both the mother and the baby. We frequently hear and have even experienced that the baby is placed on the mother’s breast shortly after delivery. The reasons for this are twofold: first, when we give birth to the child, our oxytocin levels are at their highest, and second, the baby is so used to the mother’s heartbeat that it relaxes him from all the exertion he has endured during the exhausting process of childbirth.

The significance of contact between mother and child cannot be overstated. Our touch offers them a sense of safety, warmth, and affection that no one else can provide, which is something that no one else can give a child.

During pregnancy, I started reading a lot about a baby’s development and growth both as a fetus and as a baby while growing in the outside world. On reading so many scientific facts listening to our elders on how they used to take care of babies, I started feeling so blessed and proud to be able to become a mother. The gist of all that I’ve read is simply that nothing in this world can calm down a baby except for the mother’s touch.

One of the best ways to interact or touch our baby is by giving them a nice oil massage before bath. I’m using Organic Sesame Oil which is mainly made for children’s body massage. It is said that Sesame oil gives the baby a warm feeling during winters. 

Massage time has now become one of my son’s favourite times. I set aside 30 minutes before bathing the baby, 20 minutes for rubbing the oil and 10 minutes for the oil to absorb into the baby’s body. I make him do good muscle-relaxing and-strengthening activities. In addition, the benefits from special stretching movements for his hands and legs, which aid in his height gain. The most significant of these exercises are acupressure on the baby’s feet and back massage, both of which aid to strengthen the spinal cord.

I sing songs for him throughout the massage with expressions that pique his interest, and he has begun to sing along with me. Also, I start conversing with him to inquire, “What did you dream last night?” “What would you like to wear today?” or “What do you want to do today?” He clearly does not understand what I am asking him, but all he knows is that his mother is speaking to him. He responds to all of my questions in his baby language.

As a result, massage time serves as a private chit-chat session for us. He starts to smile as soon as I spread his massage sheet and remove his clothing, as he realises we’re heading for a massage. The greatest setting for a massage is in a room with the least amount of light falling on his body. It provides him with Vitamin D,, which we obtain primarthe sun. As a result, massage not only increases our andand communication with well-beingbut it also improves his physical weing, allowing him to learn words quickly and respond when others speak to us.

So all new mothers, get ready to team up with your little chit-chat partner and all the mother’s who are already enjoying the particular time with your baby. I hope you recall all the best memories had with your little one. 

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