How a To-Be Daddy Can Make His Partner's Pregnancy Journey Easier

How a To-Be Daddy Can Make His Partner’s Pregnancy Journey Easier

Hello, daddies!

Generally, whenever we talk about pregnancy, the first picture which comes to mind is of a mother holding her baby. We never imagine a dad and a newborn baby in the first instance. The obvious reason behind is that nature has given this supreme power to women only.

But today, society has changed a lot. Although you can’t challenge nature, there is a lot you can do as a dad. Here are some pro tips for to-be daddies to make their pregnancy journey mesmerising:-

Always say “We are pregnant”. Obviously you can’t be physically pregnant, but you should be mentally and emotionally pregnant with your partner.

Handle mood swings. Sorry, guys. It can be very difficult to handle sudden changes in her behaviour, but you must. She might be weird, angry, annoying, demanding, frustrated, cranky, emotional, or argumentative at any time, but you have to be calm and composed. It’s because of her hormonal changes, and very soon this phase will pass.

Show your concern, love and care. Some men may not be very good at this, and their shy nature may be caused by their familial culture. But, guys, this is the right time to show your affection, respect, and care to your partner. Don’t let her feel alone at any point of time. You can try any of these to show your concern for your partner –

Have a morning walk together, order her favourite food when you are at office, plan a surprise visit of her friends, ask her what is she doing and how she feels when you are at office, care for her whenever she feels sick, cook with her and serve her food, listen to music and read books together, pamper her, entertain her, bring flowers or gifts when you came back home, or at least make her favourite 2-minute noodles for her. Your small efforts will give her a great sense of belonging, and your bonding will be strengthened.

Never miss an appointment with your doctor. Unless you are very busy, don’t miss any appointment with your doctor. Go with her on every visit, keep track of her reports, medicines, weight, vaccination, baby growth, etc. Don’t feel shy, and ask your doctor about everything, or whatever changes you have noticed, talk to your doctor about them.

Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. Live every moment of your pregnancy together. Feel your baby’s kicks, touch and talk to the baby bump, do a pregnancy photo shoot, help your wife in household jobs, search for baby names, plan the baby’s room and welcome party, and share your thoughts with your partner.

Maintain positive vibes at home. It’s the utmost responsibility of yours to create a happy and positive environment at home, because happiness of the mother directly affects her and the baby’s health.

So, daddies, be ready for welcoming your new bundle of joy, and these simple tips will definitely help you in making your parenthood enjoyable.

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