Possible Easy Ways to Build the Connection With Your Child

It’s time to connect with your baby!
1. Talk, Talk, Talk
Talk with your children whenever possible. Talk about how your baby feels, what they are thinking about a certain situation, what they like the most in a day, what they want from their life, how they feel when someone loves or hurts them, talk about their opinions. Talk about yourself, your childhood, how you used to play, your experience, your failure, your most important decision- everything you feel your child should learn from your life.
2. Playtime
Playtime is one of the most important times to connect with your baby. Let them start their play. Keep calm and observe how your baby wants to play; there comes a cue where you can start connecting. For example, if they’re going to play by throwing things, giving a ball, beginning to play, throwing the ball at your baby and having a quality time playing together.
3. Accept you and your child
You must recognise that you and your baby have a separate thinking process. You can share your thoughts, ideas, and prior experiences with your child, but it is up to them to learn from them and determine what they want to do with their lives. Accept your child as an individual and allow them to make their own decisions. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t continue directing. When it’s necessary to guide, let them make it when it’s time to make a decision. And as for you, remain calm and enjoy watching them grow.
4. Reading
Reading books to your child from a young age has a more significant impact on their ability to connect with you. Start reading to your infant when they are young; you will be a role model for your child. When you read to or with your kid, they will notice you and eventually connect with you. Whenever they read something, they will begin to imagine you.
5. Listen
Listen to your child, Always.
Never ignore your baby words. Always listen to them when they are talking with you, telling you something, asking you. Even the silly things matter when you listen to them. Don’t stop them when they ask you to attend entirely before answering them.
Nowadays, spending quality time together without using a device is the greatest option. Screen time weakens the bond between the parent and the child. Make it a habit to spend quality time with your child before bedtime. You may have more opportunities to connect with your child during bedtime. Your love for your child will find its way to reach out to them.

Take pleasure in your parenting.

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