Diaper Doldrums or Happy Nappy? What Will You Choose?

Diaper Doldrums or Happy Nappy? What Will You Choose?

Giving birth to your young little bundle of joy – that tiny little human is an outcome of one wonderful journey, right? Been there, done that – now comes raising the young one! Among all of this, one thing that sticks to us all the way along is the question of whether we should choose diapers or cloth nappies.Diapers – do they hurt? No! Nowadays, there are so many good things about diapers that you definitely can’t give them a miss. They’re a boon while you travel with your little one. Pant-style patterns make them fit nice and snug and the easy-to-tear option is the icing on the cake during tough times. Now you all are smiling since you guessed it perfectly right – I’m talking about disposable diapers!The ease of using diapers especially with your toddlers is wonderful.With so many brands coming up in the market and everyone promising something new always, it definitely adds up to more confusion.

So How to Look for Diapers? Here are a few Tips

1. Based on priority

2. Word of Mouth

Yes, it helps! Experienced moms who have an older kid always help. And if that lady turns out to be your friend, voila! You are sorted! If you’re in doubt, ask about the product to someone whom you know who’s using it for her baby, who knows the pros and cons, etc.

3. Commercials

Yes, we see a number of ads on the television, in print, SMSs, etc. One can definitely go through what that product is promising us… but is that helpful? Will it be accepted by my baby?In such cases, always bring a smaller pack and try; if babies happily giggle around all day long what more can we ask for!

Features of Diapers You Should Look for

  1. Those which fit near the thigh quite snugly and pant styles are the trending ones and they work really well.
  2. A cottony layer gives a smooth feel to the tiny little bum cheeks which play, fall, sit and topple around the house!
  3. An extra-absorbent type makes sleep hassle-free for both mother and baby.

Now did someone utter rashes? Yes, they might crop up until you take care of hygiene!Proper wiping and ample and liberal use of baby powder along with anti-rash creams have made diapers the winner in this race! Cloth nappies are definitely breathable but they can’t be sustained for long periods. They need to be changed almost after every pee/poop session. There will be a risk of infections if nappies are not changed in due time. The sleep of the baby and mom will be affected because of constant wetting in infants. So all of you mommies out there, please give diapers a try. And watch your babies giggle coo and laugh their way to glory and enjoy!

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