Every Coin Has Two Sides – So Did You, 2020

My journey through 2020 was that of a would-be mom to a new mom. Of course, many women go through this – it wasn’t a different experience, but at the same time, it was unusual for me. The year 2020 was full of shocks and surprises. My in-laws and my husband were not very happy with the news of my pregnancy, but I took a decision, and moved with time. I am a teacher, and I used to follow my schedule by myself with no mental or physical  help.

I believed in God and time. As time passed, COVID happened, and we had to stay at home. This happened exactly when I needed rest. It was difficult for me to move to my parents’ place, so I had to spend my time with my in-laws, who were poorly prepared to take my responsibility. I thank my yoga teacher and doctor who took a lot of care during that time for me. Meditation and pranayam really helped me boost my energy during  delivery.

I faced a big challenge of maintaining normal levels of my blood pressure and sugar. I did this with the help of yoga, exercise, listening  to music, reading books, and trying to balance my diet. One thing I would like to share is that one must fulfil their cravings. I missed out on this, as nobody was there to care, and I could not do it on my own, thanks to the lockdown. It helps the mother and the baby to be  healthy, both physically and mentally.

I also missed the dohal jevan (baby shower) due to COVID, which did affect my emotions, and I still miss it, truly. During pregnancy, one should attend various functions and events, as it makes one feel loved and happy.

My school gave me stress-free work, and stood beside me like a family. Thanks to technology, I managed to communicate with my parents and my sister, which was a big support. Without losing hope, I normally delivered a happy and healthy baby boy at the age of 33 – the best gift of 2020. I would like to credit my parents, my doctor, my yoga teacher, my friends, and my school.

I would like to tell would-be mothers that, listen to your mom and your doctor, practice yoga regularly, be happy, stay away from stress, enjoy your motherhood in any situation, and, most important, be mentally prepared for it.

Thank you, 2020!

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