My Baby’s First Health Drink – Cheers to Nutrition and Growth!

My Baby's First Health Drink - Cheers to Nutrition and Growth!

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I was very satisfied with my little family, just me and my husband. We both were busy with work, and used to follow a daily routine from home to work and work to home. We were earning well, and life was pretty satisfying, but one little space was empty in our hearts, that no one roams around in home with his tinny toes, no one is laughing madly on silly things, there are no toys, no little clothes.

Being married for six years, everyone used to ask when we are planning for a baby. Well, things happen when they do! The day came, and I shared the best news with the would-be father. We both were so happy that at last, that missing thing from our lives is going to be completed.

Finally, the day came when I heard my baby cry, the best voice in this world, and I could  not control my tears. It was a tough time, as after a C-section, lots of problems come your way, but everything is small in front of your baby. After one day of delivery, I was asked to feed the baby, and it the most difficult time, but it was still memorable, as it gives a fulfilling sensation to the soul.

My mother and other family members supported me a lot. Everyone was taking care of me, as I needed to take care of the little one. I was having monitored food every time, with lots of jeera and garlic. I came to know of the importance of water in breast milk; it is a miraculous thing, and the volume of milk gets higher if the mother also drinks milk with lots of nuts and seeds. The experience was completely new, and it was going well with a few pits here and there.

Now, after all the good things, the worst moment came when the baby just did not allow me to sleep the whole night! No one is prepared for this, but having to wake up again and again to feed the baby used to be irritating at first… But when you feel the suction from the baby, it gives you immense pleasure, that you are filling his tummy. And then, my baby used to sleep for at least two to three hours, which becomes the most awaited time of that period.

The journey continued, and taught me to have lots of patience, save money, make the best of a few free minutes, and have good food. My mother helped me the most by giving me lots of tips, and then the baby turned six months. We celebrated with lots of different food ideas and tastes, and then baby started growing, and soon turned one.

I’m so lucky that I gave the best nutrition to him till the time it was required. I just love to cuddle him, and when he asks milk from me in his broken voice! From a daughter, to a wife, to a mother, a woman experiences lots of phases and tough times, and still never complain about anything.

Mothers are precious, and filled with the best nutrition for the baby. Happy breastfeeding to every mother!

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