Your Baby This Week : 12 Month Week 1 Old

Your Baby This Week

Your kid will soon start to walk, if he isn’t already. As he becomes more and more mobile, his interest in energetic activities are likely to increase. He sure will be getting plenty of exercise! The Communication will begin to become a two-way street now , as your child begins to babble back to you. If you ask him about his nose, he will be able to point to it. You can now help your child make connections between objects and their names. Of course, the more you do this, the faster your child’s vocabulary will continue to grow. So, please continue to talk to your child often, and to identify the things that he is able to see. Of course, the more times your child hears a word, the faster he will remember it. Count the stairs as you climb them and point out the names and colors of fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. Read your baby a picture book, and ask him to point to the name or well-known objects. Give him choices sometimes, too. Ask him if he would like to wear the red or the blue socks, or if he wants to play with his blocks or his stacking rings. Giving your child choices will help increase his vocabulary and knowledge.

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