A Perfect Blend of Caring, Loving Mom and Responsible Wife

A Perfect Blend of Caring, Loving Mom and Responsible Wife

Hey all, recently I became a first-time mom. Now, my baby is seven months old. My whole life has turned 360 degrees after having a baby. I am a working woman who knows how to manage personal as well as professional life. 

Here are my ways of balancing my personal life. It’s extremely important to give full attention to the baby, and enough time for the husband to live a healthy and beautiful life. Because if you only focus on the baby, you will feel a sudden distance between you and your husband. And if you focus more on the husband, people will judge you as a careless mom. Try your best to attend both equally as both are important, and that’s how you will play the role of a good wife and caring mother.

Here are the things I do as a wife and a mother.

Things I Do as a Mother:

  • I get up early to make food for the baby, massage the baby and put him back to sleep so that he doesn’t cry for food, doesn’t feel hungry, and doesn’t get irritated.
  • Make lunch for the baby, give him a bath on time so that he gets familiar with the routine.
  • Instead of giving him the mobile, I prefer playing with him. We play with his toys so that he learns more, spends more time with me, gets close to me, gets some physical exercise, and his eyes don’t get strained.
  • In the evening, I take him for a walk/ride, give him a massage, make food and tuck him in his bed early.

Doing everything that makes my baby comfortable and happy is a little challenging, but moms love doing it.

Things I Do as a Wife:

  • Make breakfast as soon as my hubby gets up so that he doesn’t have to wait.
  • Cook lunch for him and pack dinner so that he only eats home-cooked food. I prefer my husband to eat homemade food which is always healthy and hygienic.
  • Spend quality time with my husband as soon as the baby sleeps so that we maintain that spark in us.
  • Go for a romantic ride once in a while to maintain that romance in our relationship. It ultimately makes our relationship stronger.
  • Sit and discuss everything happening in life so that we both are on the same page and understand each other.
  • Cook his favourite food on weekends to please him.
  • Always appreciate him for all that he does for our baby and me.

These are some ways I keep a balance in my life as a wife and as a mom.

I hope you like it.


Priya Goel

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