Babyhug Potty Seat Review: The Best Way to Potty Train Toddlers

Babyhug Potty Seat Review: The Best Way to Potty Train Toddlers

The toilet training phase is one among the difficult phases of parenting life. If the child learns it easily, then it’s a blessing for the parents. This blessing came to me by the way of this great potty seat from Babyhug.

This product has been very helpful in potty training my child, by making him directly sit on the toilet seat and use this. At the same time, it is important to make this experience more comfortable for him.

It has good support when I keep it on the toilet seat cover and it stays firm. And it has a handle at the side so that my child can easily hold it and sit. It has a small hole to fit my baby’s buttock, so it’s very safe. I keep a stepping stool for him to sit on the seat.

My son was totally refusing this toilet training at the beginning, but now he is getting used to it by making use of this best potty seat. It sits firmly over the toilet seat and doesn’t move, so easy for the child to balance. And it has cushion over the sitting area, that’s very soft and comfortable.

Babyhug is the best brand which consists of different kinds of child care options and items. I have a variety of play items and child care items from Babyhug. This potty seat is one of the best items among those.

It’s totally superb and very safe. It has a small opening and sits firmly over the toilet seat cover. You can buy a combo product of potty seat and stepping stool.

I recommend this product for all the parents who are looking for an easy option to toilet train their kids. Start this toilet training as early as before one year itself and your child will definitely learn it easily without any hassle!

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