A Scar to Cherish for a Lifetime - From a Woman to Mom

A Scar to Cherish for a Lifetime – From a Woman to Mom

Meera was awaiting the beginning of her new world. Her happiness knew no bounds as she was expecting her first child. She went to the hospital for the routine check-up. The doctor examined her and said there are some serious medical complications and we will have to do immediate c-section. Her happy world turned topsy turvy. But seeing the situation she surrendered and gave birth to a preterm baby or commonly called as a preemie.

Then followed another phase of struggle. She was physically in deep pain and mentally she was experiencing seperation anxiety.

Slowly and gradually all the courage and positiveness in her mind and soul she started recovering. Deep in her heart she was hoping her baby is doing great in the NICU. She tried to keep her spirits high and smile throughout this phase while in hospital. She listened to all sorts of information, knowledge and tips from the visitors and relatives as to how to bring up a preemie. Again she felt shattered seeing sorry and pity expressions on visitors face as if she has given birth to an alien. People rather than saying soothing words said ‘oh! Baby is too frail , baby looks really weak. You will have a hard time bringing up this baby. Does baby pass urine and stool?? Does baby cry ?? Does baby open his both eyes ? Is he fully developed?? And what not on the list. Meera felt sad and puzzled answering all sorts of questions. Her voice had a melancholy tone when she was bombarded with these comments.

But as we say life is temporary, the moments change and she ultimately emerged as a fighter and goddess for her own child ignoring the people’s comments and gathering all the positiveness she made a promise to herself saying I as a mother know what is good for me and my baby. I will not listen and fall for these negative comments. She decided to be a happy mom rather than to be a perfect mom.

Finally, this scar on her body will be cherished by her for the entire lifetime with this little handsome who is playful and naughty at the same time.

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