Parenthood, Responsibilities, and Adjusting to a New Life With Their Little One

parenthood, responsibilities and adjusting to a new life
Parenthood is God’s gift. It is a milestone in a woman’s life. Every woman who gives birth to her little ones is blessed with a supernatural formula, i.e. BREASTFEEDING. Breast milk is nature’s perfect baby food. It is beneficial for both babies and mothers. Mothers who breastfeed their little ones for more time are less likely to have breast cancer. Babies who grow up drinking mother’s milk will have a good immune system since it has immunity-boosting antibodies. In the initial stage right after delivery, the mother will be physically quite weak and mentally not very strong, so she will need support, especially from her life partner. Her husband’s support and his words make her a strong woman. She will need to adjust to her new life with her loved little baby, and breastfeeding her baby will develop the attachment between her and her little one.It is always recommended that a mother feed her baby for at least one year. I am a mother of a 6-month-old baby girl and I want to breastfeed her but she doesn’t drink any milk – neither formula nor breast milk. I go through several complications to make her drink milk everyday. Initially it was hard for me to adjust with a new life – with my baby’s sleep timings and everything. Now, it’s hard to make her drink milk everyday since I started some solid foods for her. I can make her eat solid foods, but not milk. I’m going on with these complications. Well, I suggest to all mothers to breastfeed their little ones more and more. As your baby grows, we as mothers need to build positive thinking in their minds. At the end of the day, the key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents in their life.
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