Relationship Scores- Reviving the Idea of Marriage, Parenthood, and Family

There will always be a difference of opinion on how each of us will handle our relationships. Each of us has our very own way of treating people around us. There are some relations that are gifted to us by God, while there are others that are made in this world. But the one which is both a gift and a choice is parenthood.

Being a parent in itself is a rejuvenation. It’s that phase of life which brings with it tons of happiness along with certain responsibilities. Many parents regard this phase as a difficult one, getting burdened with handling duties; however, I would say that it is just the opposite – it is a beautiful phase which brings about the revival of three souls. It’s not just the birth of a child but also the birth of a mom and a dad.

Many couples have an intuition that parenthood will put their relationship on the back burner and they may fall apart, but the truth is that parenthood will instead get them closer and their relationship will see positive growth. It is God’s way of reviving a wonderful thing called marriage.

In fact, forget having kids – people have lost faith in the concept of marriage itself. Earlier, marriages meant a lot; now, with the development of live-in relationships, marriages are nothing but shackles. I feel that this thinking needs to change, as only people in marriages can tell what others are missing out. The care, love, trust, fidelity, comfort, security and more are only found in a family and families are only found through marriage. Though I am against live-in relationships, of course – everybody should have their own choice in how they want to live their lives, but my faith in the idea of marriage inspires me to write this article so that others re-look into the books of marriage and parenthood.

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