Feed Your Baby the Ayurveda Way

Feed Your Baby the Ayurveda Way

Every mom’s concern “Is my baby eating right?” What, when and how are the commonly asked questions. Find your answers the Ayurveda way.

Our ancient text ‘Kashyap Samhita’ mentions stages of baby’s life on basis of food she eats.

1. Kshirap Stage

This is approx from birth to 6 months of age when baby is only on milk (kshir). So the first six months baby should be strictly on milk. Mother’s milk is definitely the best source no doubt but in case mother is unable to feed the baby then there are other sources of milk like cow, buffalo, goat, etc. Nowadays formula milk is also available.

2. Kshirannada Stage

This stage consists of milk and anna (solids) which is after 6 months of baby’s age and may last upto 18 to 24 months. During this time milk should still be baby’s main meal but other solids should also be introduced to her. At first start with liquid diet then the semisolids and lastly the solids. Foods like fruit juices, vegetable and lentil soups, porridge of ragi, wheat, suji, rice gruel and lastly soft and well-cooked rice.

3. Annada Stage

This stage is after 18 to 24 months when the baby is on solid food as her main diet. This is the age when she starts all her physical activities. Also, her schooling, interaction with friends etc begins so she needs lot of energy. She should be given all the cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits to be healthy. After the age of 2 years non-vegetarian food can be gradually introduced to the baby depending on her likes.

Never insist her on any particular food if she firmly resists. Baby should love the food she eats. Make the meal more interesting with different shapes like faces, stars, moon, etc. Naturally coloured vegetables like carrots, beetroots, palak etc also fascinate the kids. Live life the Ayurveda way!

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