Hey, Don’t Be a Sad Mommy – Be a Happy Mommy!

Hey, Don't Be a Sad Mommy - Be a Happy Mommy!

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Mommies, I know you have been fighting hard in this lockdown battle for over two months now. It is tough for all, especially the women in the house who get no time for themselves. But trust me, you are doing a fab job! We are giving our 200 percent during this lockdown. Sometimes its makes you depressed, but just relax yourself with these tips.
Listen to good music: I know nothing much has changed for you. You have to still get up early and try to finish the household chores ASAP. Just when you are doing it, play some soothing music of your choice in the background. It really helps. I do it everyday and it keeps my mood fresh for the entire day. Music does wonders!
Cook new recipes: I know many don’t enjoy cooking (like me!), but we have to do it, especially for our kids. So, it’s better to hunt for interesting recipes which you and your kids can enjoy together. I have done maximum experimentation during this period. Try easy recipes like biscuit cakes, chocolate ice cream, etc. Everyone will love it for sure.
Go back to your hobby: It is the best time, when you are not going out, to just take out a little time and engage in your most loved hobbies like singing, dancing, reading, sketching,  writing, etc. This time won’t come back again, so make the most of it by thinking of innovative ideas.
Relax your body: Take out a little time for yourself and do a little meditation or yoga to relax your mind. I know a woman’s mind never stops thinking, but for these 15 minutes, just forget everything and listen to your inner voice. It will surely give you a peaceful and calming effect.
I hope these tips help you relax and divert your mind. Do share your ideas and experiences, too! Happy Quarantining!

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