Why It's Important to Stay Happy During Pregnancy

Why It’s Important to Stay Happy During Pregnancy

Knowing that you have a tiny life growing within you is definitely a moment of goosebumps. We had ours while on a trek, as we watched the skies lit with the twinkling light of fireflies. We looked at each other, hugged, and then he said, “We’re having a baby.” That is it; we were having a baby!

Pregnancy came to us, while we were still juggling with our new married life, job change, our travel plans, and carefree life. In the tumultuous turn of events, we were excited and thrilled to embark on our new endeavour, and welcomed it with open arms, after all like the oldies say, “There is no perfect time.”

My pregnancy was a smooth one, by that I mean I did not suffer from nausea, food aversions, sleepless nights, or any other pregnancy-related symptoms. Yes, I led a normal life, travelled to work by trains for seven months, throughout the monsoon too. Just a week before I went into labour, I danced at my brother’s wedding and enjoyed each event with as much enthusiasm as my family members. The point I am trying to make here is, it is absolutely normal to do all your daily activities and not restrict yourself in any way just because you are pregnant. You know yourself well and to what extent you can exert yourself. Taking precautions is necessary, but restricting yourself of unnecessary things will not be good for you as well as the baby.

All in all, a happy and pleasant pregnancy is what you should aim for, as this will be good for the development of the baby. It is correctly said, “The mother’s mood affects the growth of the baby.” Babies can feel emotions, and there is evidence of babies smiling and crying in the womb. They can react to loud sounds, and especially the voice of their parents. Thus, talking to your baby, while in the womb can aid in their auditory development. Mothers have a special connection with the baby right from their conception to their birth and after that, but the fathers have to strive and achieve it. Hence, during pregnancy, giving your baby some daddy time is highly important as your child will remember his voice and recognise him after birth. You will be amazed by how babies respond to their dads; my baby would kick and react as his father placed his hand on my tummy and talk to him. Following his birth, he would soothe and calm down when held by his dad.

Remember you are bringing in a new life, it is you who wanted this, and it is your sole responsibility to tend to every need of your baby. There will be days during your pregnancy when you will want to give up (for those experiencing nausea), when you want some me-time, when you crave for a normal life, and when you feel gloomy and lonely. But look for the happiness that is coming your way. Nine months is the short journey, which you will dearly miss after it is over. So sit back, relax, spend quality time with your partner, eat to your heart’s content, be happy, never let that smile fade off your face, enjoy the good skin and hair, shop for your little one, click a lot of pictures, enjoy those kicks and turns, feel the butterflies, and write and preserve those precious memories for life.

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