A Love Letter to My Unborn Baby, My Precious Bundle of Joy

A Love Letter to My Unborn Baby, My Precious Bundle of Joy

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I’m a working mom and after our first baby thought I have enough time to plan for a second. Everyone knows the challenges of a mom that tries to balance work and family.

Juggling cooking, rushing to work trying to be the good mother who plays with her kid is no easy task and at the end of the day, I would be exhausted. Time flew but things never work out the way you plan. I have always wanted a second baby to complete the family, but every time I had to face upheavals.

My husband got an onsite offer and I decided to stay back as my little one had just adjusted to school. When finally after a year things settled down with husband back and we made plans for the second baby. However, miscarriages after miscarriages followed. I thought the world was upside down. People can be insensitive when they tell you to be content with one kid. Secondary infertility is a real thing. Of course, I was grateful that I had a lovely daughter. But she was growing up lonely and wanted a sibling badly. Having grown up with a sibling, I knew the benefits of having someone to talk to, play with and share childhood memories with. I felt time slipping away and felt I have to make tough decisions. My stressful job was affecting my health and it was time to make a choice. I felt I couldn’t have it all.

Finally, after quitting my job, getting fit and some fertility treatments later, I conceived again and the pregnancy is going strong. In my eighth month of pregnancy, I’m looking forward to delivering my precious bundle of joy. Amidst the COVID scare, gloom and despair, I write this love letter to my unborn child.

Dear little baby, your sister is so eager to hold you in her arms, your grandparents are looking forward to showering you with love. We waited and prayed and waited some more. Come into our lives oh little one. We are full of love for you though you are not yet born. I may not have much else to offer you but a ton of love. See you soon!

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