Language Development and All About Reading Aloud to Your Child

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Kids absorb language as early as six years of their age.
How you can support Language development in your child:
1) Speak in Clear Language. Remember that your kid speaks what you speak & the way you speak It’s all absorbed and later expressed.
2) Allow the child to express and support when he tries to speak. Do not anticipate too much that there’s no need for the child to speak.
3) Introduce multiple languages. Talk to your child & introduce different regional languages since the beginning. Communication builds vocabulary.
4) Encourage your child to read aloud as early as possible. Many parents start reading through their pregnancy. It helps in the development of language, vocabulary, and communication skills. Join a library OR invest in books. Reading a newspaper is fine too. I’m a library person, so I enrolled at a library & I prefer selecting & reading different books every week.
What to read:
  • Beginners love picture books, so select books with less/no text.
  • Start with books, which have easy to spot individual pictures.
  • Make sure the book isn’t crowded with pictures/text, at least for the beginners.
  • Gradually shift from picture books, touch & feel books, lift the flap books, books with more pictures & text.
  • Introduce books of different languages.
  • Out of five books that I pick from the library every week, I always ensure I get two regional books in regional languages (Hindi & Marathi).
What to Do If the Child doesn’t love books?
  • Relax.
  • Don’t invite & Don’t force.
  • Let your child observe & learn. Show him/her your love & focus on reading books.
  • Take your child to the library.
  • Allow him/her to choose.
  • Set up a reading routine.
  • Set up a tiny reading space (it can be as simple as a DIY bookshelf & a mat).
  • Remember, the love for reading develops gradually.
  • Do not reward. For what you bargain, isn’t love.
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