Are We Unintentionally Creating a Negative Impact on Our Children?

Are We Unintentionally Creating a Negative Impact on Our Children?

Parenting has changed a lot from the time we were kids, to the time we are having kids of our own. Healthy lifestyle, good behaviour, manners, and presentation are the keys being used now-a-days to judge parents. Because of our busy schedules and lives, we are indirectly creating a negative impact on our children, by saying “No” to all questions asked. No cream-filled chocolate biscuits or chocolates – they will ruin your teeth. No TV or video games – they will impact your vision. This is making them think that the answer to every question asked is NO.

Talking about myself, I never thought my daughter, who is just 2 years 9 months old, will start saying no to every single thing. If I ask her anything, like “Let’s go out”, or “Have your meal”, her reply is “NO, NO, NO”. To, anything that can make them happy or that is good for them, the answer will be NO.

I am the one who is responsible for what she is learning, as I am only the person who is nagging her. I thought it’s about me being caring, not nagging, but maybe she interpreted it in another way.

What I concluded from this situation is that I could have used more affirmative sentences instead of saying a direct No to her. Agreeing or disagreeing to her demands can be done in a way that makes her feel positive. Telling her what I want her to do to rather than what I don’t want her to do is the best solution. I can ask her what she is willing to do. “Do you want to go out now or later?” In this case, she will try to say something that is a reasonable solution, instead of NO. Alternatives to No are now a part of my life.

Unintentionally, I was creating negativity around my daughter, but now, it’s time to learn and make changes in my parenting. After all, I am also in a learning phase, like she is!

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