Here’s How You Can Take Care of Your Baby’s Needs

Feeding toddlers is a challenge all parents face. As a mother, I try to feed my baby home-made food and food that we can easily find nearby instead of relying on packaged products. For instance, I feed my baby rice and curry, seasonal fruits, and sometimes I prepare snacks by mixing oats, cornflakes, milk, and butter. Mainly, I try to provide a nutrient-rich diet from what we cook daily like dal, fish, mixed vegetable curry etc.

You too can try feeding home-made food to your baby, but the most important thing to remember is that we should not add chillies in the food that we are feeding the baby. Recently, when I was researching about babies’ food habits on the internet, I found out that some people are adding chilly in their child’s meal. I don’t think it is a good idea as it can be harmful to the baby’s digestive system.

Feeding the baby nutritious food is important but apart from that, parents, siblings, and friends play a crucial role in providing the right nourishment and developing the baby’s behaviour. Spending time with the baby brings the parents closer to the baby and strengthens their bond as well. The parents will feel a sense of accomplishment and joy by spending time not only when they are feeding and caring for the baby but also by playing games like peek-a-boo. All of this will contribute to the child’s overall growth and development. Another way parents can spend time with their baby is by planning picnics and other outings. This will allow the baby to interact with his surroundings and help him in gaining knowledge of the social set up. Another habit which is integral for the baby is his sleeping habits. For my baby, I followed the advice given by the doctors and frequently check his sleeping routine. Babies get cranky when they don’t get enough sleep; therefore, napping is essential. Sleep helps in the baby’s growth and development, so parents must ensure that their child gets enough sleep.

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