Bonding with Your Husband During and After Your Pregnancy to Keep Up Your Meaningful Relationship

A baby is the extension of the love and bonding shared by a husband and wife. The baby not only completes the family, but also brings a couple closer to each other.

These tips and tricks can be followed to keep the spice and love alive during and after pregnancy:

1. Plan your pregnancy, so that you both are always on the same page regarding every aspect and stage of pregnancy.
2. Once you conceive, share this precious news with your husband for the first time in form of a beautiful surprise.
3. Share your pregnancy news with both set of families together. It can be via a video call or a meaningful text message.
3. Announce to the world, including friends and colleagues, that you are ‘expecting’ via social media platforms. Don’t forget to tag your husband in these posts, so that he also receives notifications of congratulatory messages. It will help in development of fatherly feelings beforehand.
4. Visit the hospital together to meet the doctor or gynaecologist or nutritionist, and encourage your husband to ask questions.
5. Request your gynaecologist to allow your husband to enter the ultrasound room, so that he is able to see the growing baby on the monitor.
6. Tackle pregnancy complications by sharing them with your husband. Never end up fighting pregnancy problems alone.
7. Buy baby essentials like clothes, feeding accessories, diapers, toys, and prams by asking for your husband’s suggestions on designs, colours, and patterns.
8. It is a great help if your husband is working from home, as you get to spend more quality time with him.
9. Paternity and maternity leaves for working couples should be well coordinated.
10. If your husband cooks, then it is a blessing in disguise. Encourage him to cook nutritious food for you.
11. After preparing the hospital bag, do tell your husband about what the bag contains. Or, pack the bag together!
12. Post delivery, celebrate your homecoming with your bundle of joy with your near and dear ones.
13. Involve your husband in your post-natal care. Educate him on the time it will take for you to recover post delivery.
14. Get him involved in diaper changing and baby bathing.
15. Encourage him to sing lullabies to put the baby to sleep at night.
16. After your feeding, let your husband burp the baby.
17. Bottle and formula feeding can be prepared and given by your husband to the baby.
18. Capture your monthly baby bump growth with pictures, which you will cherish forever. Also let your husband make videos of all the milestones that your baby reaches from time to time like smiling, walking, eating solids, and talking.

Do not forget to indulge in ‘we’ time, where both of you get cosy as and when the baby is resting.

Last, but not the least, appreciate your hubby for all the unconditional support that he provides during all the stages of pre, during, and post pregnancy!

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