Parenthood is Not an Easy Job, But Is a Beautiful Journey of Raising Our Baby

Parenthood is Not an Easy Job, But Is a Beautiful Journey of Raising Our Baby

I am Mohini, and I delivered my baby boy, Reyu, on 8th July, 2016. I needed to return to my in-laws’ house, because of my mother’s health issues. My mother-in-law was so kind to me, and she assured me that she’ll help to take care of my child. But, unfortunately, within 15 days, she had to leave for Pune, as her daughter’s son was admitted in the hospital. Then, I get so nervous, because Reyu was my first child, and before that, I had never taken care of such a little kid.

The first and second days, I was only sponging my baby, because I did not know how to bathe a newborn. Because of my high tension, my body started producing less milk, which wasn’t sufficient for my baby. I went into mental trauma. My child was crying in front of me, and I couldn’t do anything except cry, too.

But my husband, Pranav, is very a strong-minded and soft-hearted man, and he supported me. He held me and told me, “We are parents. We will take care of our kid. So what if it is our first child and we never went through such a situation before? We have to learn how to bathe, clean, feed, and all these other things related to parenthood. I am going to help you with everything.”

My tears stopped falling, and we started enjoying our parenthood. When I would bathe Reyu, my husband would carefully hold the baby, and would then dry him with a towel. I would clothe him, then my hubby would put him down for a nap. He arranged for cow’s milk, and told me to bottle it and feed it to Reyu. He would hold the baby in his arms while I cooked. Even though he was also tired after work, he would help me put Reyu down to sleep.

After 3 weeks, my mother-in-law came back, and she saw my kid looking happy and healthy. She saw how we were taking care of the baby, and with tearful eyes, she said, “Mohini, you gave birth to the baby, that’s why you are the first mother of the baby. But looking at how Pranav is contributing to this parenthood, I must say he is not only a father, but a second mother of your baby.”

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