An Unexpected Baby and a Painful Yet Thrilling Pregnancy Journey

An Unexpected Baby and a Painful Yet Thrilling Pregnancy Journey

My pregnancy was really unexpected. I got pregnant after one month of my marriage. I strictly maintained that I was not pregnant when my mom asked me to do a pregnancy test after noticing some symptoms. I had a high fever, which, according to some local myths in my place, meant pregnancy. So, I did a pregnancy test, but I did not see any line.This made me super happy, but it was all in vain, as two faint lines started to appear. My mom shared the news with my husband. But, it made him sad, as he felt he had wronged me, because we had planned to start a family after the completion of my studies. It was hard to convince my husband that I was happy to be a mom, and not to feel guilty.

We visited a doctor to confirm the pregnancy, but as my hcg result was quite low, she did not give us much hope, and told us to visit after one week. This made me sad. But, after one week when we once again visited the doctor, she showed us the tiny heart growing inside me.

Pregnancy was a truly tough journey for me, as I experienced vomiting till the 7th month. I was hospitalised most of the time. As the days passed, I became really excited, but at the same time, scared. Then, one day, as I was getting ready to take a walk outside, my mother noticed that my dress was drenched in water. When we checked, we realised that my water had broken. However, I did not feel any discomfort. It was my 8th month, and my due date was on August 14th; there was still one month left. We hadn’t prepared for anything yet.

We rushed to the hospital, and I was admitted, on July 12th, 2020. They induced labour, but nothing worked. At last, they inserted a tube, which was a really painful experience. Then, at last, after a little suffering (ha-ha!), my baby prince came to this world on July 14th. It was a really special day for me for another reason, too – it was my 1st nikkah anniversary.

My baby was born underweight, which made me sad, but now he is a healthy 7-month-old, and I am really enjoying my motherhood. Though it was unexpected, I am grateful for this experience whenever I see my baby’s face.

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