Mothers! There Is Nothing Wrong in Pampering Yourself

Mothers! There Is Nothing Wrong in Pampering Yourself

Dear Mothers! We all experience that post-delivery; we hardly find time for ourselves. Even if we find the time when the little one is asleep, our preference is to sleep for some time or finish the little chores like washing the baby’s delicate clothes, cleaning up their dirty stuff, or making their next meal ready.

When we are done with all work, our little one is happily awake. Being a mother is undoubtedly the most important job, but it is also important to concentrate on yourself. Being a mother is the toughest job that nobody else can do. It can be quite stressful and tiresome to take care of this little life. Your sound mental health and active physical self are very important to raise a healthy and happy child. Being ladies, getting ready, or tidying ourselves is something that pleases us the most.

The entire process of getting ready, like selecting a nice clean dress, picking up the right accessories, and being presentable, gives a very positive vibe. It has a very calming effect on our minds. I can quote myself as an example here. I’m a person who is always dressed well, even when I am at home. But after delivery, just like anybody else, the first month went by in adjusting my body and mind according to my baby’s schedule. In this entire process, I could not get ready properly during the day. Post one month, I observed that I was not feeling active as I had felt earlier. That is when I realized the importance of getting ready in the morning and looking presentable. Since then, I started falling back to my routine and I can strongly say that it has completely changed the way I felt. For me, prepping up made a huge difference. However, it can be something else for you. Tap that instinct and you will know what sparks joy for you. Start doing that, and I guarantee the outcome. 

Plan small activities; it may be a good workout to tone your body, grocery shopping, pampering yourself in a salon for a couple of hours, a short walk on the lawn, or even sharing sweet-nothings with your husband during your evening cup of coffee/tea. The point here is to take a little time off your little one so that you can get back to them with even more energy and enthusiasm.

I understand that it is not as easy as it sounds. The role of other family members plays a vital role in this entire exercise. The ones who live with parents or in-laws, especially those who are very happy to help you through the journey, are the blessed parents. For those couples who manage their child on their own, understanding your spouse and giving a little time off for each other ensures that the bond between the couple and also with the child gets strengthened.

The whole point I want to convey here is that our life doesn’t stop after being a mother, but it starts with a new beginning which is so beautiful that you need to cherish each moment. When the child grows, you also need to grow more beautiful physically and mentally.

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