Key to a Successful Marriage - Organic Compromise and More Love Every Single Day

Key to a Successful Marriage – Organic Compromise and More Love Every Single Day

I am lucky enough to have married my best friend. Both of us believe in the institution of marriage. In the first two years of marriage, we have understood that living together is way different from being boyfriend and girlfriend, where we used to meet for a couple of hours, or chat over the phone. We have to understand each other. We are very different people, with differences in opinion. Being a woman of today’s generation, I am strong and independent, and want to have my contribution in every decision being made.

Now, the problem is when we, with entirely opposite personalities, opinions, likes and dislikes,  have to decide on one common decision. Obviously we have gone through our share of ups and downs. I would like to mention here that the fights after marriage in the beginning are very nice. We would be wondering who should apologize, and sometimes in a special way if the mistakes are bigger, so that the apology would be accepted nicely. After a couple of years into the marriage, if you observe yourself, the fights have reduced and we start to listen to each other in silence. In a very organic manner, we have understood each other, and stood strong for each other. We understood that the key for successful marriage is COMPROMISE.

We live with and wake up to each other, and have to grow old together, so we need to be the best partners, and moreover, best friends, so that everything is taken in the right spirit. An example is – my husband is a huge cricket fan, and would never miss a India vs Pakistan match for whatever reason. The same day, there was a dinner party organized by my childhood friend, and he said very sweetly that he will see the score at their place.

I would conclude that it can work differently for different people. You need to identify the best thing that works for both of you!

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