Best Food a Child Can Have in a Day

Best Food a Child Can Have in a Day

Nowadays, many children we see are not at all interested in eating a full-fledged thali including roti, sabji, daal n rice..
Rather they want chips, chocolates,namkeen etc..
My daughter is no different.
I thought, how do I give her proteins n vitamins during the day?
So I decided to give her whatever she likes..
Milk, 2 almonds or walnuts..
Breakfast- Poha, upma n a fruit..
Then roti, daal with veggies n curd rice for lunch.
Milk in evening
Then dinner includes sometimes rice or roti with paneer, rajma or chole,, this gives a blend of everything..n also in winters kesar milk.

Vegetables can be given with mixing them in paratha dough or carrot n radish mixed in daal.. don’t force them to eat everything rather find an interesting way that they see the dish n ask to eat.

Also for evening snack, we can include- makhana (fox nuts) roasted n ghee..
Parmal chuda or nuts roasted…
Popcorn also can be made at home with homemade ghee or butter

Please avoid milk powders like Bournvita or Horlicks etc….rather you can put kesar n a pinch haldi in winters n eliachi in summers…please don’t give milk more than two times as they will not eat food..

Soups are very good in winters, carrot, tomato, pumpkin beetroot soup..To avoid a cough n cold, I add tulsi juice in the soup..boil tulsi leaves in some water n then after the soup is made we can add this tulsi juice into it.

Please include ghee too in your lil one’s meal..Ghee gives the strength to the body n also good cholesterol to the body..

Give them homemade chips n cakes, not that creamy layered cakes…the cream is not good for child’s throat..
N yes, if your child is going to playschool, teach them to eat your meals on time..Thank you so much for reading the article.

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