A Letter from a Grandson - My Mommy is Always Right

A Letter from a Grandson – My Mommy is Always Right


Cut the S in MRS. As she is the MR.

That S gives her stress and she needs some rest

She is always right that’s why I call her MR. Right

She is on her toes to fulfil all her vows

She is traditional, but her love is unconditional

Yes, she is MR. Right without any fight

She will stay in hearts forever

As her aura is to love forever.

My mommy is always right and I call her Mr Right. Why Mr you say? Because I have heard my granny say that dad is always right. Hey, I sometimes think what is it that mom can’t do? (He thinks).

  • My mom does every job, be it even or odd. She knows how to cook. She knows how to drive. She used to go to office, but now she is a stay-at-home mom, just to take care of me. My mom does everything for me. Most importantly, she bears my stupid tantrums, she listens to my complaints, and she is awake all night when I am sick. My mommy is my Mr Right.
  • She takes care of my clumsy wardrobe and she is more worried than me for my exams. She knows when I am hungry. She knows what I want. Yes, she is my Mr Right. She completes my last minute incomplete homework. She helps me with my projects. She takes me to the park. She sees to it that I make good friends. She never leaves me alone. So yes, she is my Mr Right.
  • I fail to understand you granny, dad doesn’t do any of this stuff and still, you say he is Mr Right. When I was a baby, did he ever change my diapers? When I was a kid, did he ever help me with my homework? Did he ever feed me the way mom did with patience? Answer me… Well, I know the answer and deep within your heart, you also know the answer. It’s a Big No, granny.

I love my dad to the moon and back, but you have to agree with me, granny that my mommy is the best. She plays with me like a kid. She loves me the most. She is my bestest pal. She deserves this title as it is her right. She takes care of you and your child too. She manages our home, so well. Can your child do this granny? My mommy resembles a goddess who has many hands. She can do much work at a time.

My mommy stands by dad’s side in thick and thin. She always encourages me to do every extra bit. She teaches me success mantra with live examples so that I should never give up in any situation. Every morning, that fragrance of agarbatti, that sweet sound of the bell from our mandir, makes our house pious. She brightens the house in which we live with her natural exuberance.

She is a flamboyant soul with her enervation hidden within her deep. She doesn’t let us know that she is unwell until it worsens. She loves you to the core and loves dad too, but I know I am her favourite born from her womb. She never gets hyper. She is always calm and serene. My mommy is my Mr Right and you should also agree.

My mom is an epitome of this word itself, granny. All my gratitude for her for bringing me into this world. I was in her womb for 9 months and she is connected with me from before. As you are your son’s favourite, so is my mom my favourite. Hence, she will always be my Mr Right, granny.

This blog is just about a child’s feeling in a situation, when his granny says, “It is a dad who is always Mr Right.” Otherwise, in every situation, dads ought to be the best and every child loves his dad and so does this child. I have used very simple words to express a child’s feeling. So, here it goes.

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